Lora’s Way

Lora’s Way

An Angels View


Laura, (original spelling Lora), changed the spelling of her name to the American spelling, Laura as a young adult.  Her mother, Grace who migrated from Italy prior to the 1930s used the traditional spelling.

Laura was a beautiful person, she was gifted with the power to make people feel at home, she opened herself up to many people throughout the years on this earth.  Laura touched everyone deeply, born and raised in the Bronx, NY, she loved to laugh, sing, and dance, she had a smile that would brighten up the day.  If she could make people laugh that was a bonus, she wasn’t one to let life’s disappointments get in the way of living life to the fullest.

During her senior years, as her independence faded she became less independent requiring assistance from her children and care aides.

Laura loved children, she could sit and watch them all day long, they made her laugh, they made her feel young, she longed to spend just a few minutes with the kids, it didn’t matter if they were related to her or not, she loved them all.  The energy that resonates when surrounded by children is contagious and invigorating, especially for senior citizens.

Lora’s Way, under An Angels View (Angelsview or Angelview), is a vision of a better way of life for the senior population as they become less independent.  Rather than removing senior citizens from society, seniors remain active participants in the community.

Seniors will no longer be isolated from their families as they age, those seniors who are truly alone with no family or relatives can be easily integrated into a family unit with other seniors in the same situation.

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